Solar Powered “Paper Aeroplanes”

As much as I like making my own paper aeroplanes out of actual paper, some people choose more exotic materials.

Apparently a new type of solar cell developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is so flexible that it can be folded up like a paper aeroplane.

I’m not sure if this will be much use for the casual aeroplane builder, but it’s an exciting technological development nonetheless.

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2 Responses to Solar Powered “Paper Aeroplanes”

  1. Steven Heffel says:

    Back in late 2008 or early 2009, in an online news letter produced by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), there was a news article about an experiment in the works by a professor from the University of Tokyo to make some chemically treated paper airplanes which would be thrown out of the airlock of the International Space Station. The paper airplanes would then drift back to Earth, re-enter the atmosphere, and land at random locations around the world. Contact information is supposed to be printed on the paper airplanes requesting that anyone finding one of these paper airplanes contact the professor at the University of Tokyo. Have you or any of your web viewers heard any more recent updates about this paper airplane experiment?

  2. Rommel says:

    The Google video reminds me of a plane I use to make wihotut the tail. I used to fly it in 8th grade between to school buildings and it would fly in big 20 foot circles for a good minute! I’ll have to check out the other designs.Thanks for the posting!!

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