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There are lots of games you can play with paper aeroplanes, either alone or with friends. Here are a few of the favourites I enjoyed as a child

1) Target Practice

Paper Aeroplanes - Target Practice
Use an accurate paper aeroplane, like The Piranha, to hit a target. See how close you can get it. Maybe, if you get really good, the man or woman of your dreams will be so impressed, they instantly fall in love with you.


If you want to go for an extra level of fun, you can have a friend throw another paper aeroplane for you to knock out of the sky. Use The Condor as your target because it's large and slow. Make sure the target plane is well away from your friend before you try to hit it. Nobody wants a Piranha in the eye.

2) Distance Competition

Paper Aeroplanes - Distance Contest

This one is simple, just see how far you can throw your paper aeroplanes. If you use the designs on this site (of the designs up at present, I suggest The Monkey) and do a few test flights so you can calibrate your planes properly, you stand a good chance of winning.

It's usually best to do a competition inside where the air is still and the humidity is low. However, you can do it outside too. Also if you live in New Zealand, be careful to watch out for sheep, especially the little baby sheeplets, as they are abundant.

3) Have a Paper Aeroplane War

Paper Aeroplane War

If you want to do something a little more advanced, why not have a paper aeroplane war with a friend. To play this game you need to have a reasonably big area either inside, or outside on a very still day. The area is divided into three zones. Your territory, your competitor's territory and in between an area of no man's land. As a rough guide no man's land should be about 10-15 metres long; however, you can do smaller or larger depending on your level of skill.

Each competitor should have around 20 penetrator paper aeroplanes (that is, long range planes that can glide, like The Lion, The Merlin, The Dart or The Monkey), and their aim is to make all their planes fly all the way over no man's land and into your territory as quickly as possible - so have a stop watch to hand!

Whilst they try, you can attempt to 'shoot' their planes down using an accurate interceptor plane, like The Piranha. If a penetrator plane lands in no man's land or one of your planes shoots it down into no man's land, then your competitor has to go and collect it and try again.

Once all your competitor's paper aeroplanes are in your territory, you can switch roles and see if you can beat their time.

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