Secret Paper Aeroplanes World Record Paper Aeroplanes

1) Time Aloft

The world record for keeping a paper aeroplane in the air for the maximum amount of time (thrown inside on level ground) was set in April 2009 by Takuo Toda of Japan.  His paper aeroplane stayed in the air for 27.9 seconds, beating the previous record set by Ken Blackburn of the USA by just 0.3 seconds.

Here is my artistic depiction of the event:

Paper Aeroplane - World Record for Time Aloft

2) Distance

The world distance record for a paper aeroplane throw (thrown inside on level ground) is held by Joe Ayoob. In February 2012, Joe managed to throw a paper aeroplane 69.14 metres (226 feet, 10 inches). The distinguishing feature of the plane that Joe used was that it was a design that could actually glide. Previous world distance records had been set by people throwing paper aeroplanes that resembled javelins that produced little or no lift.

Here is my artistic depiction of the event:

Paper Aeroplane - Distance Record

Prior to Joe's attempt, the last world record was set in September 2003 by Stephen Kreiger, who managed 63.19 metres (207 feet, 4 inches). Before Stephen, the record was held by Tony Fletch who managed 58.82 metres (193 feet) - a record which stood for almost 18 years, having been set in May 1985.

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